What online training is worth investing in during lockdown?

Apr 21, 2020Training

There is no denying the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had around the world. This is especially true in countries like the UK where strict lockdown measures to fight it have been introduced. These measures have seen many UK businesses affected and entrepreneurs around the country doing their best to keep working from home. It has also seen many UK workers fulfilling their roles from home too where possible.

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established one with your own company, online training is worth investing in during lockdown. From using it to drive business growth to informing a more personal transformation, online training is something to consider while lockdown measures remain in place. As normal work may be a little quieter now than usual, it gives you the ideal chance to enhance your skillset.

But which courses are the best ones to get involved with right now?

Stress management

This is perhaps the major one to think about investing in. Everyone is feeling a little bit stressed out at the moment with all that is happening. It, therefore, makes sense to take advantage of stress management training to handle it better. This is ideal for business leaders who will learn techniques to recognise stress and deal with it effectively. This training is also valuable for life after COVID-19 as it will equip you to handle the daily stress running a business brings or managing people can deliver.

Leadership training

Anyone who is in a managerial position or running their own business needs to have excellent leadership skills. Brushing up on these online now is a great way to improve yours. Being a great leader does not happen on its own – this makes it key to complete leadership training to learn what steps to take and how you can inspire staff to perform. Leading businesses and teams is more challenging than ever now due to the lockdown measures we have in place. This type of training will help you continue to lead your team effectively, even though you are all working remotely.

IT training

The remote working measures most people in the UK are now obliged to observe rely heavily on IT to succeed. Tools such as Zoom and Slack have suddenly become vital in allowing companies to carry on working. It subsequently makes sense to invest in relevant IT training now on any packages like this. Once more, this will come in very handy after lockdown as it will give you new IT skills to utilise in driving your business forward.

Mentoring, training, coaching with Coaching Monster

The above are a few great ideas on the sorts of online training you could complete during the lockdown. Not only will it help fill any quieter days you have usefully but it will also help you grow as an entrepreneur. It can also help to find a professional company who can deliver personalised training and mentoring to help you succeed. Here at Coaching Monster, we create bespoke transformational coaching and mentoring packages that are individual to each client we work with.

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